“This could be fun!!…and it could be viral!”


In case you haven’t seen it yet, DON’T GO THERE. You will get angry. Stories are crossed, accusations are made that are absolutely ABSURD (oh no people were hanging out on a patio), and for the most part, the residents of Burleith seem entirely content to call us “pigs” and comment on our “intellectual prowess.”

But, students of Georgetown, the below is why I have never been angrier with our Burleith neighbors than I am right now:

I called the police about parties at 1916 and 1918 37th Street NW, Washington, DC 20007 this weekend. I’ve posted a still and some video and while I didn’t get the high points, we all have that one girlfriend with the high squealng voice and as the Summer goes on, I will try to hightlight the various sound patterns which seem most annoying.

In an entry marked “April 23/25 2010” (really? they were partying at ten o’clock on a Sunday night before finals? Are you sure?), one resident decides that he or she is not going to take issue just with the drunkeness, or with the loud “hoots and howls” of what I assume is mixed company.

No. Instead, this neighbor is just going to focus on “that one girlfriend with the high squealng voice.”

What. The. Fuck.

To call out a girl for her screaming, for her disregard for your sleep at 3am, is fine. To call out a guy for the same things is also fine. But to call out a girl because you find her voice annoying? Unacceptable. Her voice is not something she can change – leave this poor girl alone. I’m sorry you find certain patterns of speech particularly annoying, and I’m sorry you feel the need to “hightlight” those. But the police cannot arrest her for a “high, squealng voice.”

And, as a reminder, you would never call out a man like that.

And of course, unnamed girl remains “that one girlfriend.” Why is this girl automatically somebody’s girlfriend? Why can’t she be hanging out with her friends on a Friday night without the assumption that she’s only there because someone’s fucking her?

Oh, right. Because we’re Georgetown University students. And as one resident duly noted, “Pigs is pigs…”

Let’s make a game out of the following paragraph – but not a drinking game, because, well…yeah.

For each blatant lie you find, earn one point. For every misspelling, earn one point. Everytime you click on a link that goes to an MIT newspaper, earn three points. Everytime the neighbor who posted this website attributes something to last Wednesday that actually happened in February of 2000, earn 7 points.

For each borderline offensive statement about Jesuits, earn infinite points.


Today (April 21, 2010), there was an article on a death directly related to alcholic behavior at Georgetown University. The fact that the University is ignoring the alcohol and calling it a “tragic death” rather than something they could have tried to prevent is shameful but they are Jesuits?

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