Amanda Hess of Washington City Paper’s The Sexist (yes, that blog I’m read obsessively) linked to me today. Edit: Vox Populi apparently also found me twitter-worthy.

That means I’ve gotten a LOT of comments. All of them were negative, because I think a lot of people were eager to misread my frustration with victim-blaming to mean the same thing as acting like we live outside reality. I’m really looking forward to responding to the comments and clarifying the point I’m trying to make.

Just to clarify for those of you who commented: the reason your comments aren’t showing up is because, through the WordPress system I haven’t quite navigated properly yet, I still have to “approve” all comments, which I can’t necessarily do while I’m at work, hanging out with my friends, or sleeping. Unfortunately, this blog is not something I get paid for (although that would be fabulous). Trust me: unless your comment is outwardly inappropriate and downright offensive without trying to make a point, all comments will get “approved.”

That said- trolls? I’m getting trolls? Guys, I’m 20 and I go to Georgetown and no one reads this. Troll somewhere else. :)

If you have a serious point to make, please feel free to comment on anything, even if – especially if – you disagree with me. While I’m pretty busy and growing relatively fond of getting full nights of sleep, I’m generally pretty happy to have intelligent discussions.

See you tomorrow with a new obnoxious, sarcastic, sure-to-be-controversial-but-I’m-not-sure-why post!

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