I’m a senior government major at Georgetown University, and I usually see the world through a feminist lens. Theoretically, I expect that as a society, we can treat women and men as individuals and not as groups. Because women have been historically confined to several sectors of society, while men have had more options, changing this perspective to one that involves more individuality takes work and time, and will initially involve targeting women for opportunities that have primarily been dominated by men. It also requires us to take a critical look at gender roles and the duties expected of both men and women – men and women cannot be successful as individuals if they are expected to conform to standards that don’t make sense for them.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. On a practical level, living life as a feminist is a lot harder than just thinking about it sometimes. This blog is both my response to flagrant problems in gender expectations in American society, as well as a documentation of problems, discussions, and solutions that arise in my life at Georgetown.

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